How to Get Hired

Hi, Cookies~ Some of you have been asking to work on the site. This section was created for this reason, so Cookie won’t need to send you all super long messages she’s just going through all of it instead. If you read all of this and you still wanna be hired, message Cookie on Graal Classic she is in the guild Red Mafia. Through these rules, she will be expecting these to happen.

1. Here are the things you need to do:

•She needs to see your work before she hires you. What you need to send her are in the Home Page.

•You also need a WordPress/Gravatar account.

2. Your skills

You must be able to do simple stuff with heads and bodies like simple edits, minor edits, or major edits. You also need to be able to do different face styles and change hair styles! And if you can make heads or bodies from scratch, we will surely appreciate those.

3. Things you CAN’T post on our site

Inappropriate images, words, and other more.

•Well some uploads I hate, I mean no offense but, um.. like, it has no style I will not take rainbow heads! or heads with just one shade of colour in them. Please be able to make heads properly…

4. Would be nice

•It would be nice if you could make heads or bodies from scratch or make them GIF.

•Also would be nice if you could give your profile or email out on our site

5. How to get hired

•Message me on Graal Classic. My name is Cookie, my guild is Red Mafia so PM me on Graal and I’ll give you my email so you can show me your work! Thanks and we hope to see you working on our site soon!