pink ombre (Cookie)

New edit, just added bangs and did the ombre in the hair 🙂

I also did a blink and non blink version, might do this head but with different color instead of pink so let me know if you’d want that and if so what colors.

I know I’ve said this about a million times by now but I am gonna try and be gonna consistent when it comes to posting.

Credits to


i’m back (pb)

Hi everyone! It’s been a hot minute but I have returned finally. I’ve been working on a custom body which you can now find on my site. And I’m so proud to finally announce that I’m now working on outcasted gfx! It’s a dream come true,honestly. Here’s a regular edit. Credits to qwerty and anzgirlz.


HI everyone! Sorry for my recent in activeness! I’ll try to squeeze in some more edits before school starts though ❤

credits to cai graal and lyvia



Hi everyone,sorry for my absence. I am becoming more inactive with gfx and graal stuff for irl things. Also,I learned how to index bodies so that’s fun. I’ll try to get back into my gfx. Credits to qwerty gfx the queen for this head,credits to anz girls for the body.-Pb