Bandana guy heads (Cookie)

Its been awhile since I have done guy heads so I decided to do that today, they are bandana heads, and I did a version with buns on the head and then one without buns.

I only changed the skin, added buns, and did recolours

I didn’t do any blinks because I was lowkey lazy but maybe I will make a part 2 with blinks if you guys want I also did some recolors of the hair and the bandana and eye color

Credits: for skin for original bandana head and for bun inspo





Recolours (Cookie)

I wanted to do some more neutral colours of the head I edited on my last post, so that’s all this is. Once again credits to here

If there are any other colours you want done comment them below and I’ll be sure to get it done 🙂


Been awhile (Cookie)

Its been a long time since ive posted but I’m considering getting back into GFX, I’ve really missed it and missed talking to you guys :). Anyway here are some girl heads, I just changed the hair and face a bit and then did recolours for it. Feel free to comment if you have any suggestions or requests.

Credits to here 🙂