demon kitty

Hi everyone! Sorry for not posting in a while! Upon popular request, here is a demon edit 🙂 I hired some new workers on my personal site and joined another site!

My site:

New site I joined:

creds. to outcasted gfx and me xx


spoopy szn things

Hi everyone! Uploads are currently 50% off so here’s some more edits for you guys 🙂

Creds; brookie and middy gfx,riku gfx,cctwins gfx,and anzgirls gfx.

Don’t forget to check my personal site for all of my work ever-> cafepb gfx

please set trans on bodies with colored backgrounds

-Pb ❤

spooky clown tingz

Hi everyone! Sorry for not posting in a while,school is killing me. Creds. for this edit go to outcasted gfx and triniwix gfx. In exactly a month we will be celebrating one year of me working on this site : )

I’m also going to be updating pages on cafepb today and I’m going on a semi-hiatus but I’ll still post when I can!


i’m back (pb)

Hi everyone! It’s been a hot minute but I have returned finally. I’ve been working on a custom body which you can now find on my site. And I’m so proud to finally announce that I’m now working on outcasted gfx! It’s a dream come true,honestly. Here’s a regular edit. Credits to qwerty and anzgirlz.


HI everyone! Sorry for my recent in activeness! I’ll try to squeeze in some more edits before school starts though ❤

credits to cai graal and lyvia



Hi everyone,sorry for my absence. I am becoming more inactive with gfx and graal stuff for irl things. Also,I learned how to index bodies so that’s fun. I’ll try to get back into my gfx. Credits to qwerty gfx the queen for this head,credits to anz girls for the body.-Pb