wow second post in one day,that hasn’t happened in a hot minute.

Hi everyone,heres an edit from lyvia gfx and i worked really hard on the gif effect so please give credits


p.s. set trans on the gif head + body


Hi everyone,after trying to fix gimp 3 times and hours of waiting i can finally do gif again. So upon request,here is a head in my style with a beautiful glitterblink ❤ (Credits to yukimoon gfx) -Pb

p.s. dont set trans for best results and this head can be uploaded with or without the extensions i have here and will still look good : )


Hi Everyone! I’m working on improving my edited and seeing how far I can go with mixing things up,and recently I even made my very first custom head that I will be getting in game soon : )

Also,I’m on era now! Nonetheless,Credits to kawaii pixels twins and nox’s relm-Pb

Recolours (Cookie)

I wanted to do some more neutral colours of the head I edited on my last post, so that’s all this is. Once again credits to here

If there are any other colours you want done comment them below and I’ll be sure to get it done 🙂


Been awhile (Cookie)

Its been a long time since ive posted but I’m considering getting back into GFX, I’ve really missed it and missed talking to you guys :). Anyway here are some girl heads, I just changed the hair and face a bit and then did recolours for it. Feel free to comment if you have any suggestions or requests.

Credits to here 🙂