It’s been a while

So yeah here I am again. (Kinda a shity edit I made in less then a two hours) Have been stressed out about school and grades. (Had been on a break from editing)But hopefully I get right up and start doing edits. Also was waiting for you guys to know that I’m officially with Outcasted. Such a honor to be with them, have been inspired by them (thanks Nafila)


– Luna


So its that time of the year again! Graalmas my people and guess what my broke ass will do :)?

I am open for request! I will take any requests in exchange for Presents ❤

I will also maybe be posting some edits here and there since Christmas break is coming up.


Here are my prices(presents only)

Head – 4-6 presents (depending on details)

Body- 3-4 presents

Simple Gif on head- 1-2 presents ❤


If you guys will like to make a request message me on Graal CLASSIC only. I am the leader of the guildd “Yuh”


if not feel free to send me a message in instagram @ ugh.aileenn



Blues Clues (Cookie)

For some reason the shade of blue on this head reminded me of the dog from a show I watched as a kid called Blues Clues,

I really did love the look of this head and the ombre in the hair, I thought it was so cute. And yes, I’m back at it again with the “freckle face” I just think it’s a nice touch to add to a head.

The body is also indexed AKA colour changable

head and body credits to