So i joined Kalyboo aka Kalypso graaloween guild.It went fine for a whole week until today.

She was really picking up a arguement with me because i told her and someone else to knock off the fighting since it was inmature. I got attacked by her.

She called me alien, alien is a name i used to get bullied with so i tool it very offensive especially because she did that on porpose. I was the one being mature in this arguement to knock it off but she kept on calling me that. I wasnt going to let a 20 + year old woman disrepect me a 14 year old girl. I gor kicked off basically because i didnt let her call me alien.

So inmature Kalypso… learn some manners next time.

I wish i coukd show more of the conversation but i got kicked and couldnt ss more

Someone in the guild even said she is rude

Beware of her toxic


Halloweenish sets? (Cookie)

So I know my last post was also girl stuff but this was gonna be my personal but I didn’t quite like it so I decided that if I didn’t like it maybe someone else would! The first one has no GIF, second one is a blink and third is I don’t know lmao, some random GIF! I’m kinda procrastinating my french essay at the moment sOooOoo I’m gonna go do that but enjoy. Happy early Halloween!

Body is from https://crazycookiegraal.wordpress.com/

Head is edited from https://moongraal.wordpress.com/