Doll upload

I got some of my old edits I have made and combined them to make this. Huge credits to SleepyπŸ’• if you want any doll body’s I really recommend going to Miyabi

I want to also talk about something. I been looking around graal for few days and I see lots of new gfx artists that been making there own websites (which is amazing) I decided to check out some of them and it seems that the several people have been ifiling and claiming some of mine and other huge gfx artists work, which is pretty upsetting (not going make a big rant about this but click here to see more. Kim has some points about this issue and I totally agree with her.)


Well doesn’t that look familiar?🧐 I was looking around today and saw this. It’s honestly disgusting how people can get away with this. I blurred out there name because I don’t want any hate going towards them. It’s funny that they were being so bold towards me πŸ˜‚ but I snapped back at them (they didn’t reply after that and don’t know how to look at my comment I made since they didn’t approve it) I could of just stayed quite but I was done with it.(I get were your coming from but why keep something up that made others upset?)

Let me know how you feel