Bear boy thing? (Cookie)

So I was just playing around with pixels and got this bear sort of head? Its for guys and its kinda strange but also sorta adorable. I wasn’t going to post it but some people might like it so I decided to post it 🙂 Credits to killagraal because I got the original from there. Also credits to zizigfx.



I’m very sorry! Like Cookie, I have exams really soon. School ends on May 25th for me, and we have exams next week. I have only been watching Netflix and youtube when I’ve finished studying for the day haha. So I have barely played graal at all. However, after exams, I will be getting back to it. Editing is also something I might not start for a little while. Though I will have a lot of time on my handas during summer, so don’t get your undies in a bunch! Here is a small edit I did for ya! Hope you like huehuehue 😛

I call it, DEMON BOY.



So sorry.. (Cookie)

Guys I’m so sorry that I’ve so inactive lately, ugh it really does kill me. And I want to edit but never have time, I have exams in like a month that I’ve been studying non stop for. I’ve also been having to help my parents out a lot and I just haven’t been feeling self lately. Also my laptop is super slow and always shuts done when I’m editing so I haven’t exactly been in the zone to edit lately. I might even be taking a few weeks break if I can find a few people to run my site for me. But besides all that I’ve managed to pull together a set for girls.