2 year anniversary (Cookie)

HAPPY 2 YEARSSS GUYSSS!!!! I cannot believe I’ve had this amazing site for 2 whole beautiful years now. Hopefully for many more too! Thank you to all my fans who have been supporting me since the beginning even when I was absolutely horrible cx.

Anyway, I put together a 2 year special and I thought that since valentines day is like a week away I decided to do my 2 year special and Valentines special combined sorta. So I did a few couple sets and stuff like that. Enjoy







Bubble Gum Girl Head(Elly)

Hey,it’s been a week since I started to work for CrazyCookieGraal, and I want to introduce myself. My name’s Elly and I started doing graphics since 2016. I made a website in 2017,but I deleted it and I started a new one(ellythekitty.wordpress.com) I don’t post to much on it because it’s pretty hard for me to get new ideas. I enjoy making girl heads,shields and sometimes drawing random characters. If you want to contact me, there’s something about me on the menu.

I made the head that you see here, so if you’re gonna use it please don’t remove my watermark!

First in awhile fixed (Cookie)

Hi guys, It’s me again and today I decided to try something different that I haven’t done since October.. Guy heads! I haven’t posted in two weeks, ugh school.. Also the 2 year anniversary is coming up soon comment any ideas on what I should do.

So the first head on the preview was the original head from outcastedgfx, the second one I edited from the first one for a personal for someone but they didn’t like it. And so I edited that head a bit more and then POOF, I had my master piece. Everything else with the head I just did myself, I did one version with a scar and one without. Might do recolors of the head soon.




flameflame.pngflame.pngFor anyone who seen the original post do not upload those heads, they will not turn out right, I messed up in the technique part of the editing and if you upload the heads from the original post it will either get disapproved or won’t work. If you want the heads you can now upload them because they are now fixed. -January 21th 2018