Brown Hair Pt.3

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Hello guys! Its been a long time since I posted on this site. I will like to apologise. I have successfully hit 10K views on my other website. If like BTS or EXO (kpop group) then click here because I made BTS and EXO sweaters. Another thing is that i’m hiring on FlawlessMatterGfx so if you like to be a member of my other website then click here (I mostly have girls in my website and im just saying that boys can be hired as well) Hope you like this post and edit. Credits to FishCakeGfx and azngirlzgfx. Do Not Erase Watermarks. ~Luna



This is BTS:





And this is EXO:

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ifiler (Cookie)

so I have a friend who also does gfx and makes all his heads original. I was in graal city yesterday and I seen who I thought was my friend. So I clicked on his profile and seen that it wasn’t my friend it was another guy with the same head. I knew my friends head is original so I confronted the guy about ifiling the head I asked him where he got the head and he said that he edited it s little bit but it’s the exact same as my friends head

05D3D616-7A12-4555-9652-2CBBDFF6D0B0749E6648-87BB-4C0C-BECD-2B6129E4AE902B873387-24D5-4140-B96F-E349A54CE895327D9901-16D8-4307-B1D3-89CA8B580D43.pngAfter this is showed my friend what he said and he pmed him. He first said he found it on a website and then kept changing his story saying he made it and then that someone else gave it to him. Then he said “he was waiting for him new head and then gonna get rid of the one he has now” he just wouldn’t admit he ifiled it. He kept saying he’d upload it to everyone who asks and asking if he could upload it to his friends


And on top of all this another friend of mine pmed him afterwards and he had a completely different story

A2185831-E174-4B07-97A8-853DD81D8BAEF133205E-5E85-4C4C-92A8-269E7C032E06I hate ifilers so much, please if you see this guy confront him about this