First Gif

IMG_5149So here is my old personals turned into a gif

2nd attempt 😀 If you want any other heads blink message me in kik that is KaitDeLaRosa

Only gfx purposes!!!If not you will be blocked

dont have kik?Message me on graal I’m The guild leader of



A few girl heads (Cookie)

Heyyoo babes I edited a few heads for you girls. Mystogan’s laptop is broke so he won’t be editing so me and Kait are the only ones left. XD

I am gonna get some new talented gfx artists on the site too so if ur interested comment or pm me on graal.

Anyway, credits to

Here is what I did for the transformation and a preview



Fanart drawing challenge (Cookie)

Hey guys. 🙂 ❤ I’m back and I’ll be more active than ever >:3

Which means twice as many uploads, which means more love from you guys, which means I’m happy because when you guys are happy I’m happy.

So I decided that I’ve been getting a lot of views lately and I have a lot of fans so I should do a Fanart challenge!

In this challenge, you have  to draw my Graal classics character. You have draw it by hand or digitally but you are required to email it to me afterwards.


There  are two ways you can contact me and that is through Kik or Email. Please don’t spam me because I will block you, instead message me what you have to and when I see it I’ll email or kik you back.

My email is, don’t bother trying to hack my graal account because their two different emails.

My kik is cRaZyCookieGraal, don’t wait for me to add you back or accept your request before you send me your art because it will probably take a while XD


  • No stealing! (Please make ur own work)
  • Must be digital art or drawn by hand.
  • to sign your Fanart!
  • Draw my Graal Classics account not Era or West


And of course I can’t forget prizes! There will be 3 prizes given out to the top 3 art pieces that stand out to me.

1st place= 1000g prize or I will make the winner a personal head or body, details of your choice.

2d place= 500g prize or to be featured in my YouTube channel

3rd place= 200g prize

That’s pretty much it!
Good luck everyone! Any other questions comment below




News! :D-Fatal

Im so happy.Im not quitting CrazyCookie!Ima get ArtStudio and do more editing than ususal.I tried the free version and it helps a lot.Asked my sister if i could buy she said yes,but when she finds her card.I also tried doing a gif came out PERFECT!!!!So expect a lot of heads and some gifs in a few days 😉 Thanks for your time have a great day/night.

-Kait LOL XD

Might quit too-Fatal

Honestly im very lazy during the summer i ignore friends.Plus like Kuruth(i forgot how to spell it sorry XP)said its too much presure for me because im taking care of kids plus being lazy!?I also dont talk to cookie that much anymore.Might make my own site too MAYBE.I don’t know im not saying im quiting but im thinking about it.Sorry for not posting.Bye have a great day/night.

P.S if i do quit and cookie lets me come back into the site.It will be around Jan.When i get a new computer for my B-Day ❤ more advance editing



i really dont know what to say right now. Im just getting bored, tired of this gfx “pressure” on me to post often.

i enjoyED working on this site

feel free to keep the work i made, it’d make me happy if you kept them..

i just dont feel right, it makes me feel guilty staring at a screen all day, i mean we have lives to live, every moment is precious y’know?

pls kick me from the site since I don’t know how to leave


bye ♡~~

it was a wonderful experience


don’t forget to remove me from the tagline