50,000? 0.0 (Cookie)

imageYesterday I was looking at the site views because I haven’t looked in awhile and I seen the biggest number I’ve see seen before.. (not really cx)

It was 48,000!! I almost cried by looking how far we’ve gotten. I’ll be doing a 50,000 special when we get there so PLLEASSE vote/comment what I should do! If you come up with a creative idea I like I’ll give you a shoutout!! Here are some of the things I thought of. Remember that if you can’t think I anything you want vote on one of these!

Animal sets/ human animals, Food sets, Galaxy stuff, random cool graal heads, anime themed sets, weather sets..

remember your not limited to vote on just these now byeee

decision! (Kris)

I’m on my phone so it’s kinda difficult to type since it’s laggy

Sooo, since it really makes me sad if I quit, I’ll just post rarely every holiday or everytime there aren’t any classes.

That’s all I have to say because I shouldn’t spend time on this first…

Quitting?… (Kris)

Hello, hello, after a very long time of not posting, here I am saying I have to quit the site. I feel so guilty just typing this. We’ve gone so far but I just really need to quit. School is almost up so, I have to focus on life outside the screen first. If I don’t quit, it would be really hard for me because I have to focus on studies and customs. I may come back but it would probably be next summer or maybe, I could stay and make customs and post every holiday? Or even when there are no classes. I will think about it and post tomorrow.


I would really love to stay.

sorry (Cookie)

I’m sorry guys, we have all been super inactive lately.. I just have no ideas on what t edit and its that time of year for exams and I’ve just been so busy studying and doing other stuff. I’m editing the emo sets atm though so that should be interesting. Also comment suggestions that I should edit.. Sorry, ill just and post asap.. Bye



Head donation (Cookie)

A couple of days ago someone wanted to post a donation, so this is what happened.

So this dude pmed me that he had an old head and wanted it posted on here, so I said sure.

Tbh if I edited this I wouldn’t post it but since someone donated it, ig I will XD


Scratch (Cookie)

Oml, these actually took forever!! It’s not even funny how long it took me!


lmao, jk. But I’d probably very mad. I didn’t add my watermark because some people have been saying that when I add the watermarks it doesn’t work!


The second one I didn’t make it was major edit! Forgot the original owners so if you know please comment it!

I also decided that I will start a YouTube channel for graal related stuff! First video might be uploaded today


YouTube? (Cookie)

So as I revealed to you guys a couple weeks months ago I used to have a YouTube channel that I now don’t use.

So as Kristine suggested, I decided to start it up again with graal and Gfx related videos!!

I’m not sure though XD gimme suggestions!! What do you guys want to learn about graal or Gfx, just comment it.

Also I got new uploads, here’s my profile in case you want to pm me


Shout out to her! (Kris)


I’m not dead- I won’t die- well, I will die soon, we all will

(I’m just on vacation (just to remind you))

Okay, I got online again! Happy Cinco De Mayo!!!

Not exactly since it’s not May 5th lol still May anyway so, no problemo :’D

NHKZokgejn6FP6hl (1).gif

Shout out to this cookie ❤

I apologize for the super late reply ;v;


Can you read that? I guess so


I A M  O N  V A C A T I O N  S T I L L

Check out Kate’s DevArt click >this< and watch her~

She’ll appreciate it and I’ll be proud of that smol bean c:<



i am nut advertising dont mind me


Emo stuff preview (cookie)

EDITING, EDITING, EDITING!! lmao, spent all day editing yesterday and today. Yesterday I was working on my new uploads and today I  got to do something for the site.

So, I know there are some people in graal that are emo or goth. So I’m gonna do a emo/goth special..

Here are one of the many things ill be doing. My summer doesn’t start till june so ill be inactive from school.


Lots Of love~ Cookie