failing.. (Cookie)

Recently I’ve been failing to remember to put the #FactOfThePost on each of my graphic posts! I’ve been failing to do that and also post. For example, many of my recent posts you’ve been able to see I haven’t been working as hard on them and have pm me about it! But you guys gotta understand I have things I’m doing irl and preparing for the 1 year special!

the assignment in real life is something I’m spending lots of time to finish right now. It’s a speech about convincing someone about a topic of your choice! Every year we do one and last year I did well with my speech on “why weekends should be longer” so I wanna do well again this year!

So I hope you understand, please STOP pm me or commenting asking why I’m not posting as much? Or why I don’t post boy stuff, I even get asked when the next post will be out! After this month I’ll be back to posting more and taking up requests. Also I won’t be on graal for awhile do to “taking a break” so if you need anything comment or kik me: cRaZy_Cookie26

Thanks for reading, if you did! Don’t forget, 1 year special will out the 4th of February ❤ ❤

Sorry peeps :c (Cookie)

I’m so so so so so sorry ma fam ❤ I haven’t posted any graphics all week 😦 I’ve been working on the 1 year anniversary special

(which will be out the February 4th weekend) so it’s pretty soon, so I’ve been concentrating on that lately and not on my weekly posts!

So I’m sorry for that, I’m sure you understand and if not, will forgive me once you see the 1 year special!!

Here is something that I’ll have in recolours in the future, maybe for the 1 year special;)



A Little Note (Kris)


Hello, cookies! Before we start, I’ll just ask this question, could you give me ideas on what I should make for the 1 year anniversary? PM me your ideas because I don’t want to spoil it. Thanks! 😀

Oh, and I’m not dead.

Okay, so.. I’ve been looking at some sites and most of them are giving credits to the wrong person or not giving credits at all. I’m just saying that you guys should read my “Terms of use before uploading or editing any of my/our work” that I always post/put together with a custom/edit that I have made. Just like what I said there, this is the only thing I ask for. So, please just cooperate 🙂 That’s all! Have a good day/night!

P.S. Help me get the king to bed


Until next time!


Sneak Peek~1 year anniversary preview (Cookie)

Sneak peek time! Today I put together a small preview of a couple of the girl stuff ill be doing for the 1 year anniversary.

I will be doing boy stuff too but this is just a side thing I thought I could do for it

I was actually gonna do the blonde hair one for my personal but wasn’t as happy with it when I finished so I thought id just add it to the 1 year anniversary special next month.


girl sets_preview.png

girl set~ recolours will be made soon(Cookie)

Today I did a small set today, it was gonna be a preview for the 1 year special but I decided I wanted to do something different for the 1 year.

So I did a post for it instead, I will be doing recolours for the head and body so if you would like these in a different colour, tell me the colour in the comments.

 It’s a girl set though, sorry boys 😉 ill do some heads for you boys soon enough!

credits to doopie and outcastedgfx


fact of the post

I used to have 2 dogs, boxers to be exacted but now there dead 😦

Ol’West acc (Cookie)

Yes! I started a Ol’West acc, its hard to believe but I did it! Today I made an Ol’West acc and wanted to try the game out

to my suprise, I enjoyed the game! Not as much as I enjoy classics but it’s still good.

So if you play West and not classics here is my acc for you lovelies you deserve to be able to contact me in all ways possible!


But I crossed out relationship ans online time, some things should stay secrets 😉

Super Smash Bros Bodies! (Kris)


Hey, cookies! I’m sorry if I haven’t posted in a while now, I already explained why and I wanted to let you guys know that I finished the bodies and sadly, I wasn’t able to make  heads 😦 again, I’m sorry. Btw, I promise that I won’t make any long descriptions from now on (except when it’s important like this one) since I keep thinking I’m wasting your time because (I GUESS) some of you guys just want to see the customs I’ve made/edited and, yeah(?). But if it’s important and you don’t really care you can just skip reading and just check the customs :v I also wanted to tell you why I wasn’t able to post yesterday. It was because of my Investigatory Project. If you are still in a lower grade and don’t know what that is, you may wanna click >this<. I did not sleep for all night just for that stupid I.P. *^* (no, it’s not stupid, lol. Please don’t kill me) aaaand, yes, I didn’t sleep all night. “but why, Kristine?” because my group-mates are useless but, let’s stop worrying about that! I forgot to mention, advance Happy Birthday, to meee! c:




Poochymoochy-Sweater Overalls

Overalls Doll dress-Made from scratch

Hoodies-From my 20k Special post


– Anybody is free to upload/recolor/edit any of my work that I post on this blog. Also, please just make sure to not erase my watermarks.

– Please, please credit us if you upload or edit any of our work . We work hard on the heads even bodies, and this is the only thing I ask for. I’m definitely not asking for you to change your status to credit us (although that would be very appreciated), but if somebody asks you who made your head/body, then please say “Kristine” or give them our site address.


If you want the Doll overalls with white sleeves, here ya go~




Just in case you don’t know who the characters in the hoodies are:

Donkey Kong, Kirby, Link, Yoshi, Pacman

(and if you want a better clearer view of the characters, save the file on your PC or Laptop and just zoom in. Tadaaa~)


Until next time!