Taking a Break? (Kris)


I’m back and I was thinking of having a break on GFX for a while. I’ve been very busy in real life (until now) and I have to focus on studies since it will be our exams on the 4th of January which is when we go back to school. There was also a delay on the Doll Bodies since I got sick (but I’m already fine) and I wasn’t able to finish it due to a really bad headache *^* good thing I was able to finish it today! 😀 Another bad news is that Kerowo has quit on doing GFX and MIGHT come back so, all good but we will miss her 😦

After that ‘averagely long’ <.< description, let’s go on with the bodies!





Terms of Use (please read before uploading)

– Anybody is free to upload/recolor/edit any of my work that I post on this blog. Also, please just make sure to not erase my watermarks.

– Please, please credit us if you upload or edit any of our work . We work hard on the heads even bodies, and this is the only thing I ask for. I’m definitely not asking for you to change your status to credit us (although that would be very appreciated), but if somebody asks you who made your head/body, then please say “Kristine” or give them our site address.



Btw, I wasn’t able to do the Christmas one with a teddy bear (same reason)


Enjoy! 🙂


Last thing, MAYBE, just maybe, I’ll make a 2017 set?



Chilling with my bestie :3 (Cookie)

Here is a quick screenshot of me and Aj hanging.

We were just preparing for something that only Aj knows 😉

anyway i have decided on a set to post New Years!

Also kerowo lefts the site 😦 and kris is sick so expect the site to be inactive

fooling around! (Cookie)

This all started when I was trying to do a hoodie for the New Years.

I was trying to put 2017 on it but it wouldn’t work!

I didn’t have enough space to do anything on those hoodies.

So instead I was fooling around and did this XDD

2017 weird stuff.png
leave a comment on what I could do for new years graphics!


Pk Pk Pk (Cookie)

This morning I was bored as usual, so i decided to pk swamp for a little!

i most of gotten a little carried away because before I knew it I was on the leaderboard! I was pking more and more then I got to 35 then 32 ^~^!

i had nothing else to post so i posted this, i will be posting a 2017 New Years post on New Years!!

Also thanks for everyone who traded and donated gifts with or to me! I enjoyed them all, here is also a picture of someone who did g4g with me

Merry Christmas and happy 1 year wordpress anniversary to me <3 :) (Cookie)

Hi guys! Merry Christmas, today I won’t be posting heads or bodies. I’ll be celebrating Christmas and my 1 year anniversary with WordPress!

yesterday I got a message from wordpress saying i have been on wordpress for exactly 1 year! I thought that would be important to share.

 Please note, I will not be doing a special post other than this for the 1 year mark. It is my 1 year mark with WordPress not the site!! In February I’ll do a special post with my one year mark with this site!!

Merry Christmas ❤

Female Christmas sweater dresses (Cookie)

Tuesday I finished school and now I’m on winter break so I have loads of time to edit. I was super happy that winter break finally came :0!!!

Today I got a chance to finish my cute little Christmas dresses for you guys and I have to say I’m impressed by them!

They are also adorable asf and work perfectly, unlike some of my other bodies ive posted in the past.

Credits go to https://lyviagfx.wordpress.com/ for her fabulous xmas bodies!



About my absence… (A.J.)

Hey guys, I just wanted to mention that I’m very sorry I’ve been gone recently and not posting. There have been a few issues going on irl, I’d rather not go into full detail about…

But it’s time to throw all that sappy crap away and let you all know that I’m going to be posting a full custom Christmas-themed set on CHRISTMAS EVE 😀 From then on I’ll be back to posting GFX regularly, so look forward to that I guess :3

Yes, this was really short, but this is just my way of saying…


And I’m okay XD