creepy boy heads (cookie)

here is a new batch of boy heads for Halloween or anytime XD I was gonna do a girl body but was in a little rush because my wifi was being stupid!! So it was hard to post this, but I did it so YUSHHH. I had no school today so I decided to post








Just a preview of Shinoa from Owari No Seraph(終わりのセラフ)

This was just a quick edit *^*



Head: recolour from Yukimoon

Curls: Lyvia

Body: edited from Google

Eyes: recolour from Poochy



Requested by: my friend, Cubo!


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goldilocks (cookie)

today I found a couple cute sites and they were doing a bunch of cartoon charaters in pixel form, and I was edited a head when I was thinking of a title. I was reading a book to my brother at the same time and the book was golylocks and the three bears!!! So that’s when I decided to do it 😀

Credits: for heads for bodies and..

my brother’s book for swag title 😉



Halloween is coming (cookie)

this post is dedicated to all viewers and helpers on the site

so please read down below 🙂

dear and readers, as most of you know Halloween is coming soon and uploads will be 50% off!!!!!!! So I will be taking personal upload requests for a price pm me on graal or leave a comment what you want and if I can ill do it!!


helpers note:

I know your all probably busy school and stuff but I still have a big thanks to all of you that helped me on the site and if you could put your profile out on the site it would be greatly appreciate the time you put into this