scary head :3 (cookie)

here is a new head and body ive been working on, its a scary type of head and scary body  I REALLY like them, on the head  I edited the colour, eyes and almost everything besides the shape this is a amazing head I love it so much!!!!!!!!! On the body I never edited much only the skin and some little details, I also added a preview for all you preview lovers, I liked  the post “format”. So l will probably do more posts like this!

Also a thanks to everyone to helping me get this far with my website


credits to cutiefactory for the body and graaldepot for the head

set trans for both of them

character (14)character (13)




strawberries :3(cookie)

hello guys I had a request from someone named kelpstar, She asked if I could do a strawberry themed head (red hair, seeds, leafs) I thought the idea was cute so I decided to try it and it turned out amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! She also asked if I could do a matching body, of course I tried I did a before and after, credits to graaldepot for the girl head,outcasedgfx for the boy head, lyviagfx for the body and me of course so enjoy, and if you wanna edit it credits to me

character (1)classic_personal_head_graal1538082-185untitleduntitled3

#bored (cookie)

wanna know how I’m feeling???? Read the title again and if you wanna know why, read more :p anyways I’m super bored cuz I have no editing ideas… I was working on a set but my paint (program I use to edit sets) stopped working so I don’t know what to do comment ideas below and btw when I say comment ideas that doesn’t mean ill do it. ill tae it as an suggestion and maybe do it