Golden Statue Customs! (A.J.)


Hellooo everyone! Today, I decided to TRY and be creative, by creating some little golden statue female customs! 😀

Yes, I know, kinda lame, but also kinda cool…? c:

Either way, enjoy Cookies!!  ❤



  • Head: Major edits from Lyvia and Sof, please give credits to me as well.
  • Body: Minor edits from Lyvia and Sof, full credits to them.

My new site? (Kris)


Hey, Cookies! I am back from the dead.

I wanted to tell you that I’m still alive and Kerowother and I have made a new site! Don’t worry, I won’t quit this site. I’m happy here and I also love it here. ☺ Kerowo and I made this site last year and decided to continue it. It’s almost finished, just needs few more things… anyways, the purpose of that site is.. I don’t really know… lol. Well, Cookie works in several sites so, why not? 😄 let’s just cut to the chase.

Here’s my new site:

That’s all. Btw, I completely forgot about the school boy body. I have reasons why I shouldn’t continue it and I think I should let you guys know.

1) No one might use or upload the body. I just wasted my time.

2) There might already be school boy bodies out there and I might be the only one who doesn’t know. I just wasted my time once again.

3) People might hate it. Soooo, yeah, I. Wasted. My. Time. Again.

And, that’s all the possible problems that xould happen!

That’s all from me now, bye bye.








New style! (Cookie)

Tbh I didn’t feel like editing today so I took a head I edited for someone once and recoloured it for you peoples so no one pms me asking why I didn’t post anything. Also I’m REALLY sick and have been dying on my couch all week! I’ve also been getting tons of requests lately xD idk why!! Anyway happy weekend  or Saturday.. But for some of you I might not be Saturday it could be Sunday or Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday maybe even Friday! Enjoy 😄



Yah or Nah

Osana Najimi Set and Valentine’s Day Bodies! (Kris)


Hey, Cookies! Advance Happy Valentine’s!

I apologize for not making much bodies and even a head. I needed more time to finish other customs. Well, at least I finished the Osana Najimi set! I just did all these today since I’ve been in the Hospital for a few days because my grandmother was confined. She’s fine now 🙂 Anyways, here’s the set and the bodies!



Head: YukiMoon

Body: Google


– Anybody is free to upload/recolor/edit any of my work that I post on this blog. Also, please just make sure to not erase my watermarks.

– Please, please credit us if you upload or edit any of our work . We work hard on the heads even bodies, and this is the only thing I ask for. I’m definitely not asking for you to change your status to credit us (although that would be very appreciated), but if somebody asks you who made your head/body, then please say “Kristine” or give them our site address.




I made the head quite similar to A.J.’s Oka Ruto because I didn’t want it to look that off since it’s from the same game/source. So, credits to A.J. too! 😀


Credits to:

A.J. (Crazycookiegraal) for the sweater!




Until next time!