Middle part male heads (Cookie)

So middle parts have been really popular with males hair lately in real life, so I thought it would be a cool idea to demonstrate that idea onto a male upload.

I also used my custom colour pallet for the hair colours and did a blink and no blink version for each colour.

I left out the coral and silver in the colour pallet but if you’d like me to do those comment and let me know:)

The original head is from https://qwertzilla.wordpress.com/ but I have edited once before and is on my site in the male heads menu


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Wavy Hair Male Heads FIXED

Back again today with some dark wavy haired heads for males, this was kind of just a quick edit I did today. Changing skin, adding shadow in the eye region and of course the hair inspired by https://firgfx.wordpress.com/

I did a few different styles for this head, but didn’t end up using the colour pallet because I thought the black hair suited the head very well already :)!

Also just gonna take a minute to express I AM HIRING, if you are interested visit the How to Get Hired – Crazycookiegraal page.

Once again I did 3 versions of this head, regular with no gif, regular with blink, and a different type of gif where the eyes turn head and then it transformed back to original state.



Neutral Hair Colours Pallets (Cookie)

So a few people have been asking me for a pallet that I use when recolouring different versions of heads I have edited. I have used think pallet multiple times in the past for a more consistent look in my uploads and will continue to be using it more often in bodies with extensions and heads for boys and girls.

I encourage you guys to use this as well if you want to match a body extension to a head from this site that follows a similar pattern.

And if you are interested in the heads shown in this pallet they are in the Female Heads – Crazycookiegraal.wordpress.com page on the site along with more colours.

I might do up my pallet for more unnatural colours as well at a later date so let me know if you guys want that:)

colour pallet

Brown hair female (Cookie)

My first edit in awhile but I think I did pretty decent just a small post bigger things soon to come, I did 3 different versions of the head which would go really good as a pking head or to match with a hoodie which can also be found on this site! Bodies without extensions – Crazycookiegraal.wordpress.com

And for the body I just did a few recolors of a body I edited last Christmas, that can also be found from my body without extensions page on the site.

The 3 versions I did todays are…

-Regular Brown Hair (No Gif)

-Simple Blink Brown Hair

-Fancy Gif Brown Hair

Original credits of the heads are BloomingFlowerGfx and M G B Y T E G R A A L


hey guys (Cookie)

Its been awhile, happy holidays everyone. I recently bought a new laptop and started playing graal again and will soon try and get some work up. It is quite hard because the new WordPress update I do not understand at all! As well most of my old applications I used for editing aren’t available to purchase anymore. So I have to figure out some new programs and figure out this platform and then I will have some uploads up very soon πŸ™‚

Today is my 5 year anniversary with WordPress, I cannot believe I have almost been doing edits for 5 years now. But I do have something big planned for our 5 year anniversary in February so stay tuned!

Something for Christmas

Credits to:








And me.



Maybe my heads don t have my name write on them but are made by me so if u use something give credits!