demon kitty

Hi everyone! Sorry for not posting in a while! Upon popular request, here is a demon edit 🙂 I hired some new workers on my personal site and joined another site!

My site:

New site I joined:

creds. to outcasted gfx and me xx


spoopy szn things

Hi everyone! Uploads are currently 50% off so here’s some more edits for you guys 🙂

Creds; brookie and middy gfx,riku gfx,cctwins gfx,and anzgirls gfx.

Don’t forget to check my personal site for all of my work ever-> cafepb gfx

please set trans on bodies with colored backgrounds

-Pb ❤

spooky clown tingz

Hi everyone! Sorry for not posting in a while,school is killing me. Creds. for this edit go to outcasted gfx and triniwix gfx. In exactly a month we will be celebrating one year of me working on this site : )

I’m also going to be updating pages on cafepb today and I’m going on a semi-hiatus but I’ll still post when I can!


Bandana guy heads (Cookie)

Its been awhile since I have done guy heads so I decided to do that today, they are bandana heads, and I did a version with buns on the head and then one without buns.

I only changed the skin, added buns, and did recolours

I didn’t do any blinks because I was lowkey lazy but maybe I will make a part 2 with blinks if you guys want I also did some recolors of the hair and the bandana and eye color

Credits: for skin for original bandana head and for bun inspo