Christmas (Cookie)

Hey guys, haven’t posted in a while :o. I’ve been super busy irl with a bunch of random stuff that I completely forgot about Christmas! It’s so close and you know what that means for graal? PRESENTS! I’m so excited that I’ve come up with a cool plan that I think would be great for not only me but you guys!

So I usually do personal uploads for people who ask me for a price, but since Christmas is up I was thinking paying in presents.
I’ll have a didn’t amount of presents for things according to what you want. If its a simple edit then it would be one gift, a sorta easy would be 1-3 depending. Harder would

be 3-6 again depending to what you want.
Contact information: I am not dumb enough to scam you over a head therefore you will gift me before you get your head. If you do scam me I will post your personals and your profile on my site and outcastedgfx saying how your a scammer. My profile is “Cookie (Red Mafia)” or leave your graal name and guild so I can pm you. Please pm me in GraalOnline Classic or comment if interesting.

Thank you I hope to see you all PMing me, comment or pm me for more questions


recolors (Cookie)

 Hey guys, guess who it is?! I’d just like to say.. SORRYY, I KNOW I HAVENT POSTED IN ACTUALLY FOREVER I’VE JUST BEEN SO BUSY AND IM SO SORRY! But that’s okay because started now (after this post) I’ll be posting Christmas uploads. But rn I did recolours of a head I posted about a few weeks ago

The head is a recolr but the body is not, credits to lyviagfx. Comment what kind of uploads I should do for Christmas


Brown Hair Pt.3

image1-5 (1).png stripess-2 (2) (4).png

Hello guys! Its been a long time since I posted on this site. I will like to apologise. I have successfully hit 10K views on my other website. If like BTS or EXO (kpop group) then click here because I made BTS and EXO sweaters. Another thing is that i’m hiring on FlawlessMatterGfx so if you like to be a member of my other website then click here (I mostly have girls in my website and im just saying that boys can be hired as well) Hope you like this post and edit. Credits to FishCakeGfx and azngirlzgfx. Do Not Erase Watermarks. ~Luna



This is BTS:





And this is EXO:

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Taking a break-Fatal

I have been having so many family problems.Just today November 8 2017

I have been abused by my OWN sister.

It hurts so much to see her leave her OWN children just for a guy.

My nephews really need to know what feeling loved is really like.Instead of crying for their own mother.


This might sound dumb and all but I have decided to take the responsibility for these 3 kids.

For all I have been through.For everything I’ve seen her do.For every lie she has said.She doesn’t have heart.As long as I live their mother is NOT my sister at all…Not even death can pay for everything she put my mother and her family through.


Please guys…if a family relative isn’t there for their children.At least be there for them….

All children deserve to be loved and cared.Not left alone </3

Thanks for understanding…

and yes,THE MOTHER has hurt me physically.