I don’t want em.Have them credits to thier owners and to me.If a person 65% will be me asking you where you got them please give our site address and if you ignore me I’ll be pissed Asf btw I’m banned


Might post-Fatal


So these will be my new uploads for next week.Ima prob get 3 new sets.Idk if I should Add a hoodie body for it but yea.But I might also post it.It has gif but the gif is kinda like my personal gif it blinks and flashes then says “K”

But I’m also banned so there is a high chance I will post this.

gif head :) (Cookie)

Hey guys, aren’t you surprised to see me posting after what I said yesterday? Well between yesterday to today I’ve received so many nice pms in regards to the site. Saying how I inspire them and that my site is the best they’ve seen in a while. And I just want to say thank you. I still don’t know what I’ll do with the site but thanks ❤

I’ve been getting a bit better at gif and so I made this head for you guys credits to https://linnyclaragfx.wordpress.com/ set trans for both


Shutting the site down?.. (Cookie)

Hey guys, it’s cookie here. And I’m guessing most of you are wondering about the title and ig Im wondering about it too. I just don’t like the way the site has been in the last few months and editing I haven’t been feeling myself even though this is what I love to do. I don’t know anymore 😭😭 Maybe I’ll restart the site and start fresh with all new edits >~< even though I’d hate to get rid of some of the amazing posts that were published here in the last year and a half. Ive also really always wanted to own a site by myself like yukimoon does. But deleting like site would mean getting rid of more than 65,000 views. I can’t do that 😩😩

I don’t know what I’ll do yet.. 😓